iCC – Compass towards a carbon neutral world

Statement of Carbon Audit in the name of the iCC Carbon neutral companies, following the 21st Climate Summit in Paris.

Be iCC Neutral - iCC - Compass towards a carbon neutral world - Carbon Audit

We believe that with cooperation, a little bit of luck and the radical reduction of our carbon footprints, our endangered home can still be saved.

OBJECTIVE: is to stop global warming through greenhouse gas emission reductions.

An agreement was reached during the UN Climate Conference in Paris, stating that we need to drastically reduce our emissions in the future in order to be able to sustain life on Earth. Global warming can still be reversed with the ambitious commitment of the 197 countries that signed the agreement, and with actions based on such commitment. In this way, we will still have a chance to sustain a livable Earth. Countries, cities, businesses and private individuals also joined the cause. Changing to carbon neutral operation is the highest level of commitment. Australia set the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020, and Copenhagen by 2025.

STAKE: The survival of mankind

Both individuals and businesses recognize this fact and embrace the challenge. Companies that are first to take action on the highest commitment level serve as an example for their environment, and with that they are able to realize commerce and profit growth in the present, while contributing to the creation of a livable future.

SOLUTION: Carbon reduction and offsetting in favor of zero emission

We believe that the examples set by the champions of carbon neutralization will move processes into a good direction.

1./ Those companies and organizations that bear the “iCC ÖKO” label calculate their carbon footprint annually, which is the fastest growing component of the eco footprint with over 50% proportion.

2./ The carbon footprint’s size can be reduced drastically to the greatest possible extent under the shortest possible time by increasing energy efficiency and gradually changing from fossil fuels to renewable ones.

3./ The carbon neutral partners of iCC reach 100% carbon neutral operation by redeeming the part of their carbon footprint which cannot be reduced, through supporting green projects in developing countries that have been established under the auspices of the UN. They are able to fulfill their share of the Paris Agreement through this method, and also take part in solving other global problems.

Our partners help fulfilling the undertakings of the Hungarian Government through real and provable results. iCC is proud to enable more and more people to choose a new way and to gain recognition for our businesses and our country as well.

The leading brands of the world are already carbon neutral, and more and more businesses join this community every single day, even in Hungary. Well-known persons offer considerable sums of money to save our livable world. Furthermore, members of the public are already more likely to purchase carbon neutral products or to neutralize their houses, cars and lifestyles.

Emission reduction results in financial savings, what is more, the building of sustainable brands also determines the development of a company. Additionally, the participation in new economic ways provides access to new markets as well. Bigger commerce, higher profit, cost effective solution – this is more than just a trend.

iCC is a brand of premium trademarks, which is – together with its members – fighting for a sustainable future and for achieving carbon neutrality. We achieve these goals through customized projects with the help of our experts. We are conservative in our professional work and follow international standards.  What is more, we provide innovative product development that is customized to our clients’ needs.

iCC’s professional team does everything in their power to popularize the “iCC ÖKO” label and the point-of-sale indicator. The communications strategy, jointly represented with the partner businesses, is a cost effective solution. All of our partners are represented through iCC appearances, online and offline programs and events. The interaction of businesses leads to further cooperation in the circle of those businesses that are committed towards environmentally conscious business solutions. iCC can also offer a communications program, which can be used by our partner businesses, regardless of sector. It also helps them to achieve a leading position within their industrial sector. www.youandicc.org

We will be committed whether we stay active or passive. We will be committed towards a clean and more livable world, and will also take action against the old, polluting mechanisms. This notion will define our actions as individuals and in other roles. Our decisions are subjective choices, but the livability of our shared future depends on the individual choices we make. Here is your opportunity to decide: What kind of future would you like?

In case you would like to know more about carbon neutral business operation, carbon footprint calculation, carbon management, please sign up for our iCC Carbon Neutral Club conference that will be held on January 19, 2016. You will be able to meet people who are already part of a new economy during the conference, and are more than happy to share their stories and experiences.

iCC – Press Release – December 16, 2015.