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Free Carbon Footprint Calculator - Carbon OnlineYou can estimate your impact on the environment by using the iCC calculator. You must know that Earth is overused by 155%, we live our lives and lead our companies like we have one and a half EARTHS at our disposal. This means that we have been endangering future generations’ right to life. We need a NEW ECONOMY, IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A NEW POLLUTION-FREE WORLD, and for the new economy, we need to be able to produce green energy. We can help you to turn your company green, to reduce your emissions and to offset the remaining but continuously decreasing emissions. In this way you can achieve the carbon neutral company operation qualification which we will authenticate with a certificate. Carbon neutral webpage, carbon neutral car use, carbon neutral office, carbon neutral travels and events, all of which expresses your commitment to environmental protection and to achieving a pollution free world. Achievable benefits include Brand building, PR, you can differentiate your products and services with the help of our program in the field of marketing, and you will be able to position them on the GREEN market. It is a fact that you can rely more on environmentally conscious consumers, they tend to make higher-value purchases, are willing to pay higher prices and they return more often. Make a step towards a better future, and enjoy the economic benefits deriving from it.