Carbon Footprint Reduction

Best case scenario is when there are no harmful materials emitted, and no energy goes to waste.

We offer many solutions in order to realize your goals, and we will pick the one that helps your company the most.

You can easily calculate your carbon footprint for free with the iCC calculator.

Carbon footprint calculation

The first and most important aspect of building up the Sustainability Management Plan, and of achieving the iCC 100% Carbon neutral Brand, (both of which are supporting the company’s long-term goals) is to come to know and understand the company’s situation of harmful material emissions, and to take account of those solutions that are already being implemented in order to mitigate the emission.

iCC is offering numerous tools, that are tailored to the companies’ needs, in order to both calculate and to help understand the Carbon footprint.

They key to iCC’s holistic approach lies in the extensive partnerships, we are working together with public and private sectors, academic and research institutions, and non-governmental organizations. So, whether it is about a specific area, product, service, or about a corporate level GHG emission analytic, iCC will be able to provide a secure solution.

Emission Audit:

  1. direct emission
  2. indirect emission that derives from the purchased energy
  3. indirect emission that derives from the suppliers and products’ life-cycle

iCC Audit Process - Carbon AuditOverview of the scopes of emission - iCC

Carbon Footprint Reduction - Carbon Audit

Reduction options

iCC offers expansive and innovative Carbon reduction methods through its suppliers and partners. iCC’s focus covers corporate behavior, the optimization of operating practices, the development of waste management and sustainable investments. In every case, iCC will provide your company with a personalized and sustainable reduction strategy, which supports the achievement of sustainability goals.

  1. Acquisition of energy – simplified energy audit

Within the framework of “Simplified Energy Audit” iCC will revise your company’s policy concerning the acquisition of energy. In most cases we have discovered mistakes when we compared performances and the billings. We will account these overpayments for the past 2 years. Furthermore, we will make recommendations about from which provider will your company be able to purchase clean and green electricity from.

  1. Energy Management

After we have a complete understanding of your company’s energy consumption methods, we will jointly work out a personalized Sustainability Management Method that will help pave your company’s way for sustainable energy management.

  1. Technological development

Logistic development
Optimization of workflows
Finding efficiency enhancement options
Exploration of loss points
Optimization of technological processes
Application of appropriate renewable energies
LED program
Solar panel (photovoltaic) program
Thermal insulation program
Water saving program

A tender monitoring service is connected to the above mentioned programs; we will assist the realization of plans with financial solutions.


Product and Company Carbon Footprint - iCC